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Blog 29th August 2022

Belonging Happens Around the Table

The change we are wanting to see in our World cannot be manufactured but rather comes about through the sharing of everyday ordinary moments and the sharing of ourselves. Belonging happens in the home, it happens over time, and over many shared meals. 

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Past Events 29th August 2022

2022 L’Arche Chicago Golf Outing

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Past Events 22nd July 2022

2022 Founder’s Day BBQ

Last week, we hosted our annual Founder’s Day BBQ to celebrate 22 years of L’Arche Chicago!

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Blog 6th May 2022

Home is Where the Heart is

Home: A dwelling place together where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

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Blog 20th April 2022

The Strange, Humbling Ritual of Foot Washing

As I reflect on my years participating in the L'Arche community I am taken aback by the vulnerability we share in living life together at L’Arche.

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Blog 31st December 2021

L’Arche and Its Long-Term Impact

In the many years I have worked with, learned from, and ‘treated’ persons with disabilities in my professional life as an educator and an occupational therapist, I have come to know a lot about ability and disability, medical conditions and impairments, social determinants of health, and the systems and regulations developed for serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disability.

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Stories 16th December 2021

L’Arche: A Constant, Gentle Force

When I think about the impact of L’Arche, I feel very privileged and honored to say that I have personally felt the long term impact first hand.

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Blog 21st June 2021

Tasting & Seeing at L’Arche

At Angel House, my food-related responsibilities incorporate weekly menu writing, preparing shopping lists, and three nights a week assisting core members in preparing the dishes they've chosen.

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Blog 12th May 2021

Kitchen Diaries at Angel House

As I was describing Angel House to a friend the other day I equated life in the home to my favorite childhood book. We are nine silly eaters, all with our own quirky likes and dislikes.

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Stories 14th April 2021

Welcoming Casey to Peace House!

L’Arche Chicago is excited to introduce Casey, the newest core member at Peace House!

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Blog 5th April 2021

Baking with L’Arche and My Family

On Saturday March 20th, L’Arche hosted a virtual pastry class and fundraiser in partnership with the Boka Restaurant Group

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Blog 7th March 2021

If Momentum Is An Indicator

We turned a corner, albeit one with a long arc, so I have no idea what is actually around the bend quite yet.

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