Welcoming Casey to Peace House!

Ryan Weseloh

Published 14 April 2021

L’Arche Chicago is excited to introduce Casey, the newest core member at Peace House! Casey has been settling into his new home for a few weeks now and we are discovering the gifts that contribute to his unique presence. I’ve experienced his helpfulness with loading the dishwasher and his curiosity about making a pour over cup of coffee. He loves to engage with the people around him in many ways.

Last week, I walked into Peace House and heard a familiar voice from my childhood; Barney the dinosaur has been a favorite on the screen as of late. Casey enjoys listening to music and baking, especially cookies! It brings me joy to witness the passions and interests of a new community member slowly integrated into the life of our homes.

Casey is becoming familiar with his new neighborhood by taking long walks with his housemates. He recently stopped by the L’Arche office with one of his new housemates, Jae, after visiting a local coffee shop for hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream. It appears that he enjoys chocolate very much. Chris from Friendship House has another chocolate loving friend!

We are excited to continue learning from Casey and the many gifts he brings to the L’Arche Chicago community!