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Blog 20th July 2017

Peace (with a smile) is possible

Remembering the L'Arche International 2017 Assembly in Belfast

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Blog 15th July 2017

Transitions are essential

It's a tradition in L'Arche that we affirm and celebrate those in our community.

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Blog 6th June 2017

A Day Full of Donuts

Do we, L'Arche Chicago, have a community full of enthusiastic, hard-working, lovers of fried dough covered in sugar? Yes. Yes we do. And we were able to really put those gifts to use this month as Donut Partners with Pilgrim Church here in Oak Park.

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Blog 6th June 2017

Getting to know Dana

Dana moved into Angel House just over a year ago. Anyone who has spent time with Dana can attest to her contagious energy and joy. Get to know a few of her favorite things!

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Blog 15th May 2017

Adding beauty to our community

This weekend, L'Arche Chicago helped to beautify a small portion of the Forest Park, where two of our homes are.

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Blog 15th May 2017

L’Arche Across America!

Three core members and three assistants from L'Arche Boston North are on a once-in-a-lifetime journey across America.

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Blog 17th April 2017

The washing of the feet

We take the vibrancy and love, and we share it with each other so that we can share it with the world.

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Blog 16th April 2017

Easter Sunday–We Breathe Out

Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths. Inhale for the count of two, hold your breath for the count of two, and then exhale for the count of two. Do this a few times.

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Blog 15th April 2017

A reflection on Easter

Easter has always been a hard one for me. Just so much goes on, in such a short period of days. You have the intensity of a lifetime packed into just a half of a week. I often struggle with grasping the themes fully, and reflecting mindfully. More times than not, I’m going through the Holy Week motions. Gotta get to church, sit in silence, hear scary-sad organ music, be sad, be glad, find some eggs, wear pastels, be JOYFUL. It’s just a lot to keep up with.

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Blog 11th April 2017

The Seder

Our community gathered for the Seder--to pray, to share the stories, and to celebrate.

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