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Blog 25th September 2017

Making sure the coffee is made

The Charter of Communities of L’Arche states, “Home life is at the heart of a L'Arche Community.

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Blog 24th August 2017

L’Arche Chicago Joy

Assistants, core members, friends, and family share what brings them joy about L'Arche Chicago, and try to describe who we are in just one word!

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15th August 2017

Being a light in our neighborhood

In L’Arche, we make the commitment to support one another’s aspirations to better our neighborhood.

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Reflections 11th August 2017

Sharing the Joy of L’Arche–We need your help!

[Nourishment of community] comes in the moments when together we discover that we make up a single body, that we belong to each other and that God has called us to be together as a source of life for each other and for the world.

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Blog 11th August 2017

Nineteen Paper Cranes #AsIAm

L'Arche International recently released the newest #AsIAm video.

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Blog 20th July 2017

A visiting founder

During our July community night, our community and guests gathered to hear about the L'Arche International Assembly in Belfast from Anders, Mic and Luca. The theme of the assembly was "Re-membering our Future" - grounded in the past, living in the present, we carry onto the future together. 

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Blog 20th July 2017

L’Arche in Belfast–Re-membering our Future

Anders, Mic, and Luca represented L'Arche Chicago at the International Federation meeting in Belfast, Ireland in June.

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20th July 2017

Words of the World

L'Arche International has a new web documentary, Words of the World. In these videos, 34 people with intellectual disabilities from 34 different countries around the world are interviewed. These beautiful videos connect us with our brothers and sisters from L'Arche communities all over the world.

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Blog 20th July 2017

4th Annual L’Arche Golf Classic

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fourth Annual L'Arche Golf Classic.  

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Blog 20th July 2017

Peace (with a smile) is possible

Remembering the L'Arche International 2017 Assembly in Belfast

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Blog 15th July 2017

Transitions are essential

It's a tradition in L'Arche that we affirm and celebrate those in our community.

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Blog 6th June 2017

A Day Full of Donuts

Do we, L'Arche Chicago, have a community full of enthusiastic, hard-working, lovers of fried dough covered in sugar? Yes. Yes we do. And we were able to really put those gifts to use this month as Donut Partners with Pilgrim Church here in Oak Park.

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