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Blog 5th April 2016

The Spirit of L’Arche: Community, Peace, Joy, Hope & Love

This article was submitted by Sara Fisher, a L'Arche Chicago Assistant Alum

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Blog 31st March 2016

Mercy Monday on Relevant Radio

Tim Stone and Ashley were on Relevant Radio's Morning Air show on March 28th to talk about L'Arche and our mission.

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Blog 30th March 2016

Spring blooming at L’Arche Chicago

Spring at L’Arche Chicago has started with new blooming. As we look at our community today, we have welcomed two new core members (Anders and Dana) at Angel House and have opened a new house, which is becoming a home for Elbert, Chris and Tim, with live-in assistants Becca (house coordinator) and Matias, as well as live-out assistants and friends that bring their gifts to home life.

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Blog 29th March 2016

Many Gifts, One Spirit of L’Arche

Mary Susan Chen, a long time volunteer with L'Arche Chicago, shares her #SpiritOfLArche story.

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Blog 21st March 2016

#ASIAM: Take Care of You

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Blog 16th March 2016

Interfaith Voices

The Charter of the Communities of L’Arche states: “In a divided world, L’Arche wants to be a sign of hope. Its communities, founded on covenant relationships between people of differing intellectual capacity, social origin, religion and culture, seek to be signs of unity, faithfulness and reconciliation.

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Blog 18th February 2016

Let the Birds Loose

Bogdan Senyk, from L'Arche Ukraine, grew up under a government that denied his existence. In this episode, he explains his method of civil resistance: joy. Imagine the world differently.

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Blog 29th January 2016

Game Night: A Night of Fun and Fellowship

The first Young Professionals Board event was such a great success!

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Blog 29th January 2016

Turning a House into a L’Arche Home

Elbert excitedly repeated "Mmm, ooh, aah!" as we toured a vintage bungalow nestled in Forest Park with our realtor last month. "This is a gonna be my room," Elbert said decisively as he paused in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

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Blog 21st January 2016

No Lions in Paris

For centuries, travel writing has shaped the way we view the world. But when's the last time you heard from a travel writer with cerebral palsy?

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Blog 19th January 2016

L’Arche and the Journey of the Magi

A Reflection by L'Arche Chicago Assistant Kendall Batten Kalantzis

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Blog 16th January 2016

Lenten Reflections 2016

Looking to have a fruitful Lent?

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