Fourth Home Update!

Have you heard? We’re building a 4th home! This home is set to be complete later this year, allowing us to welcome 4 new core members around our community. Read below to see how the project has been coming along!

Published 17 June 2024

With fire alarm and sprinkler systems complete the house successfully passed Village of Oak Park inspections. The inside of the house went through a total transformation last week when the drywall was hung throughout the entire home. No more exposed pipes or wires, it is now really beginning to look like a home as the inside takes shape!

Last month digging for the geothermal system began. The geothermal system will provide clean heating and cooling to the home year-round. Geothermal digging continues this week as well as the drill has begun hitting bedrock at 50′ so requires additional wells since they can’t dig all the way to the planned 400′ deep. In total, we’ll likely have 20-30 wells all around the house that will heat and cool the home naturally without fossil fuels.


Essential to fully living into those green values is designing the home to be net zero, where we balance the energy we use with energy produced from renewable, zero-emission sources like solar. We’re excited that solar installation will begin later this month on the 26th.


And lastly, we remain on track for an early October finish date and mid November move-ins. This puts new core member interviews in August