L’Arche for Life

L’Arche Chicago’s new, fourth home is currently under construction.

The excitement is palpable as we count down to the grand opening.

Construction will be complete in summer 2024.

This incredible home will impact the L’Arche Chicago community in many ways:

Lifelong Accessibility: As Core Members age and new needs arise, this fully ADA-compliant home will expand what is possible for home life now and in the future.

Invitation and Welcome: With a new home completed, we will invite 4 new core members to our community, and we will welcome many new live-in assistants to experience this transformative way of life.

Gathering and Celebration: As our community grows in size, we need spaces to host our gatherings. The design of the new home includes large indoor and outdoor spaces where we will come together for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations.

There's still time to donate...L'Arche for Life

Thank you for the support from many foundations, businesses, and families & individuals who have given $2.0 million to make this dream into a reality.

We are grateful for continued support to help us furnish the home in preparation of welcoming the new core members!

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