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Blog 28th November 2016

What is L’Arche? Belonging

I often leave our L’Arche homes with a certain “full” feeling. Full of the joy of relationship.

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Blog 21st November 2016

What is L’Arche? Community of Faith

The L’Arche Identity Statement explains, “Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together.

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Blog 14th November 2016

What is L’Arche? Quality Care

The three homes of L’Arche Chicago are state-licensed CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangements) homes.

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Blog 7th November 2016

Finding Friendship at Friendship House

Within hours after a mentor of mine suggested I live in L’Arche after college graduation, I had applied and made up my mind that I would be joining the L’Arche Chicago community, if they would have me.

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Blog 27th October 2016

Celebrated Joy

The joy was tangible on Saturday night.  Core members, their families, and friends who have been present at anniversary celebrations for the last sixteen years shared memories with new friends, encountering L’Arche Chicago for the very first time.  People came together for a common cause—a celebration of the joy that is present through community.

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Blog 27th October 2016

Together We are Building a Ramp

Together, through the generous support of many donors, we raised $20,830 to build a deck and ramp for Peace House! 

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Blog 17th October 2016

Bring Your Full Self

Each month, in a gathering of the assistants (those who choose to work and share life at L’Arche), we are led through a formation

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Blog 1st October 2016

As I Am : If I Were a Color

People with disabilities are often more disabled by the societies they live in than by their bodies or diagnosis.

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Blog 1st October 2016

Summer Grillin n’ Chillin!

It is safe to say that the majority of life together in L’Arche happens around the dinner table.

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Blog 1st July 2016

Embrace your in(abilities)!

In a culture that prizes "ability," we have learned to hide and push aside our inabilities. Grounded in his community life with persons with and without intellectual disabilities, Luca Badetti, PhD, (Community Life Director for L'Arche Chicago) shares revealing stories and insights that invite us to know and befriend both our abilities and inabilities, so that we can become more complete and connected human beings.

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Blog 30th June 2016

Rather Crisp

Three weeks ago, a bunch of strangers welcomed me into their house, and into their family.

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Blog 16th June 2016

A Neighbor Tells Her Story : Spirit of L’Arche

This piece was submitted by Laure Bell, a long time friend of L'Arche

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