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Blog 1st July 2016

Embrace your in(abilities)!

In a culture that prizes "ability," we have learned to hide and push aside our inabilities. Grounded in his community life with persons with and without intellectual disabilities, Luca Badetti, PhD, (Community Life Director for L'Arche Chicago) shares revealing stories and insights that invite us to know and befriend both our abilities and inabilities, so that we can become more complete and connected human beings.

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Blog 30th June 2016

Rather Crisp

Three weeks ago, a bunch of strangers welcomed me into their house, and into their family.

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Blog 16th June 2016

A Neighbor Tells Her Story : Spirit of L’Arche

This piece was submitted by Laure Bell, a long time friend of L'Arche

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Blog 9th June 2016

As I Am : Google Larry

In the 1990s, autistic persons began using the internet to build online communities, breaking the myth that autism imprisons people in a solitary existence. In this episode, however, Larry Gourley finds a limit to this gift and reaches the edge of the internet.

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Blog 27th April 2016

The Spirit of L’Arche and Elbert’s Gifts

The following #SpiritOfLArche story by Peg O'Brien was taken from the Fall 2008 Two By Two, our publication that we send out twice a year to update everyone on our community. We interviewed people that worked with Elbert to see what gifts they saw in him.

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Blog 20th April 2016

The Spirit of L’Arche is A Family Affair

This piece was submitted by Laure Bell, a long time friend of L'Arche

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Blog 12th April 2016

Called to Love

Our friends over at L'Arche Greater Washington, DC made a beautiful video a few years ago about the impact L'Arche has on both the core members as well as everyone that comes in contact with our community.

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Blog 12th April 2016

Controlling Anger

The Spirit of L'Arche reveals the gifts that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, has to offer our community. In the following story, Hector's gift promotes unity and peace in his community.

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Blog 5th April 2016

The Spirit of L’Arche: Community, Peace, Joy, Hope & Love

This article was submitted by Sara Fisher, a L'Arche Chicago Assistant Alum

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Blog 31st March 2016

Mercy Monday on Relevant Radio

Tim Stone and Ashley were on Relevant Radio's Morning Air show on March 28th to talk about L'Arche and our mission.

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Blog 30th March 2016

Spring blooming at L’Arche Chicago

Spring at L’Arche Chicago has started with new blooming. As we look at our community today, we have welcomed two new core members (Anders and Dana) at Angel House and have opened a new house, which is becoming a home for Elbert, Chris and Tim, with live-in assistants Becca (house coordinator) and Matias, as well as live-out assistants and friends that bring their gifts to home life.

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Blog 29th March 2016

Many Gifts, One Spirit of L’Arche

Mary Susan Chen, a long time volunteer with L'Arche Chicago, shares her #SpiritOfLArche story.

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