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Blog 22nd May 2018

Help us bring our gifts to the community

We just launched our Spring Appeal. We are working to raise $100,000 for our Annual Fund this year.

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Blog 22nd May 2018

In Memory of Mike Marino

Michael Marino was a man truly made in the image of God, fashioned after God's loving heart. It is hard to speak of love, because it is primarily an experience beyond words.

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Blog 18th May 2018

Founders’ Day BBQ

Join L'Arche Chicago as we celebrate all those that helped found our community in 2000 and we celebrate who we are today! We will have a BBQ with hotdogs and hamburgers. Bring a side to share!

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Blog 24th April 2018

Holy Thursday Foot Washing and Passover Seder

This month, the community has prayed together in many ways. Here a few photos from the community gatherings for the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday and the Passover Seder.

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Blog 24th April 2018

Moments of belonging

The other day I had the joy of being asked, “What has been one of your favorite moments in L’Arche?” This question prompted me to walk down a very happy memory lane. I found myself flooded with many snapshots of moments from the last seven years.

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Blog 21st February 2018

A Warm Welcome into L’Arche

The first time I visited a L'Arche community (L'Arche Greater Washington DC), in the fall of 2006, I was greeted by Johnny, a man with intellectual disabilities originally from Cuba.

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Blog 8th February 2018

Regional Gathering Photos

L'Arche Chicago joined our brothers and sisters from L'Arche communities in the Central Region in Mobile, AL at the end of January! We had a wonderful time seeing old friends, making new friends, and celebrating our big L'Arche family!

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Stories 7th February 2018

Loving in a big way

Loving one another in a big way—that is what drives our solidarity in L’Arche.

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Blog 7th February 2018

Solidarity Brunch Silent Auction Items

We're gearing up for our Valentine's Day Solidarity Brunch on Sunday, February 11th! Held at Concordia University from 11:30am-1pm, we are excited to announce our silent auction items for the event.

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Blog 11th January 2018

Remembering Ted Stone

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Blog 21st December 2017

How do you get ready for Christmas?

In community, there are people that guide us all in the marking of time and seasons.

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Blog 14th December 2017

Advent: Waiting for the Baby

In the Spanish language, the phrase “to give birth” is “dar la luz”, which literally translates to “give the light”. This is a beautiful phrase and one that can eloquently explains Advent--the hope and expectation that the Light will be given to us.

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