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Working at L’Arche Chicago is often understood more as a calling than a job. Its leaders are characterized by a deep alignment with their vocation and who they are as a person. The result is an enthusiastic, purpose-driven team that works hard to make a meaningful contribution to society through the mission of L’Arche.

Leadership Team

Mic first encountered L’Arche as a college student during a summer trip to L’Arche Boston. His experience there, where he lived and shared life with adults with intellectual disabilities for five summers, led him to involvement with L’Arche Chicago after completing his Masters in Divinity at North Park Seminary in Chicago. An ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, Mic has worked and volunteered in numerous settings for adults with intellectual disabilities in addition to work as a hospital chaplain. Mic became the Community Leader | Executive Director of L’Arche Chicago in 2013. He has found a deep sense of belonging and joy in L’Arche.

Mic Altena, M. Div, QIDP

Executive Director and Community Leader Find out more about Mic

Evangeline joined L'Arche in 2016. She was initially attracted to the tone and culture present in L'Arche communities. She noticed that in L'Arche, people with intellectual disabilities were not seen as burdens or children, but instead treated with an incredible amount of dignity and respect. This was apparent when she visited a L'Arche home in Chicago and saw a core member walk into the kitchen and open the fridge to grab a snack. Having spent her whole life around people with intellectual disabilities and their teachers/caregivers because her older sister has Down Syndrome, Evangeline remembers feeling pleasantly surprised at how the assistants in the kitchen at the time didn't offer (unnecessary) help or commentary. She continues to feel drawn to L'Arche for the ways it asks difficult and honest questions about community, faith and disability all while living out extraordinarily ordinary things like eating dinner together every night.

Evangeline Smith, QIDP

Director of Care Find out more about Evangeline

Keli moved to Chicago and joined the L’Arche community in 2022, after spending several years living in Washington, D.C working at a local church as Director of Children’s Ministry. Before that Keli worked for Jill's House, a non-profit providing respite services to families with children with special needs. There, Keli wore a variety of hats, some of those being, managing an overnight camping program and providing leadership to their Fellowship program. Most importantly, it was during her first summer as an intern that Keli saw what a gift inclusive community could be and has prioritized it in her own life ever since. Keli has a bachelor's degree in Social Work and Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan and is currently in the process of earning her Master's in Divinity from Duke Divinity.

Keli Miller

Director of Mission & Culture Find out more about Keli

Paul joined L’Arche in 2020. He first learned about L’Arche during his graduate studies in theology, where he was struck by L’Arche’s simple commitment to relationships and community. After finishing his studies, he decided to join the Chicago community as a live-in assistant after a Zoom call where Christianne promised to take him out for Chick-fil-a when he came to visit. Before L’Arche, Paul worked as a high school teacher and in college campus ministry, where his favorite part of the job was spending time with others and connecting over meaningful conversations. He’s found the same here at L’Arche, and he has come to treasure this community built on authenticity and belonging.

Paul Kuczynski, M.T.S., QIDP

Director of Residential Services Find out more about Paul

Alex joined L'Arche in 2022. She first learned about L'Arche while living in a similar intentional community for people with disabilities in Ireland, and values inclusive communities that center respect and relationships. Before joining L'Arche Chicago, she worked in finance and operations for several years with human rights and community development nonprofits, and has an MBA/MPP from Mills College in Oakland, California. Alex enjoys bringing these different experiences together in her role at L'Arche Chicago!

Alex Holy, M.B.A.

Director of Finance and Operations Find out more about Alex

Christianne moved into L’Arche in 2002. Coming from a large family–the eighth of nine children–Christianne felt right at home at L’Arche’s Angel House. She quickly shared her gifts of welcoming and advocacy with the community and continues to still ensure these values are lived out amongst us. Christianne is a 1999 graduate of National Louis University’s Professional Assistant Center for Education certificate program where she concentrated on professional and clerical work. When Christianne’s not assisting in the Development Office at L’Arche, she can be found creating paintings at the Arts of Life or enjoying time at home laughing and dancing with her friends.

Christianne Msall, P.A.C.E Certificate

Development Associate Find out more about Christianne

Andrea joined L'Arche in 2022. They've always been interested in creating spaces where people can be fully known and appreciated in their differences, and so being welcomed into community at L'Arche felt a lot like coming home. Andrea has worked as a TA for students with Autism at Summit Academy in her hometown of Buffalo, NY (go Bills!), as well as a Job Coach and later, Customized Employment Specialist for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at JCFS. In each role, Andrea has been struck by the ways that being committed to understanding and caring for each other radically transforms not just lives but whole communities. Andrea is honored to be transformed by their relationships at L'Arche, and believes these relationships, lived out loud, have the power to transform Chicago.

Andrea With, QIDP

Day Time Support Manager Find out more about Andrea

Sarah joined L’Arche Chicago in 2019. As a long time resident of Forest Park, she was drawn to being a part of something that is community oriented and found that at L’Arche. She is a 2005 graduate of St. Mary’s College, earning her nursing degree and has been practicing ever since. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Sarah Reyes, RN

Healthcare Coordinator Find out more about Sarah

Vicki joined the L’Arche Chicago team in 2023 as the Director of Development. Her goal as a fundraiser is to build beneficial, lasting relationships where donors understand the impact they have on the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Since 2005, Vicki has served in a variety of development/marketing positions at other Chicagoland agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities. For the last 10 years, she specialized in corporate/foundation fundraising. She is excited to connect more with the community L’Arche Chicago serves.

Vicki Watts

Development Director Find out more about Vicki

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House Leadership

It is the role of the House Coordinator to support the overall quality of life of the Core Members and Assistants in a designated home in alignment with the Mission and Charter of L’Arche. They provide direct support, as well as oversees the management and administrative responsibilities within the home. The role coordinates community life within the home to foster a healthy, respectful, and compassionate living environment. The House Coordinator is a member of the Leadership Team and works in close collaboration with the team to fulfill their role responsibilities.

Molly Tarantino

House Coordinator

Andrew Miller

House Coordinator

Cassie Sadenwater

House Coordinator

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Board of Directors

The L’Arche Chicago  Board of Directors champions, invites, and invests in the mission of our community. Board members serve three year terms, serving in the area of fundraising and grant writing, accounting and book keeping, personnel management, public policy, advocacy and disability services, and strategic planning–among other things!

Kimberly Bryze


Caitlin Powers

Vice President

Darius Bikulcius


Spencer Harpe


John Biggs

Heather Rabchuk

Sarah Pelrine

Monika Robinson

Tully Kari

Mark Villalovos

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