Game Night: A Night of Fun and Fellowship

Ashley Collins

Published 29 January 2016

The first Young Professionals Board event was such a great success!

We had over 50 people come out to Emporium in Logan Square for pool, pinball, air hockey, and new friendships!

Looking across the room, core members, assistants (both past and present), the young professional board members, and complete strangers who had never heard of L’Arche, were getting to know one another.

Christianne signed up for a pool tournament, Tim played a bowling game with some old friends, Jean made some new friends by the pin ball machines, and the young professional board members spoke to their invited guests about L’Arche and our mission.

It was an amazing event that raised over $700 and introduced so many new people to the community!

Thank you to everyone for making Game Night such a hit!

You can find more information on what the Young Professionals Board does and how to join by clicking here.

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