Summer Grillin n’ Chillin!

Sarah Ruszkowski

Published 1 October 2016

It is safe to say that the majority of life together in L’Arche happens around the dinner table.  It is such a blessing during the summer when that table can be outside! It has been a season of BBQs for us here in Chicago, and during those BBQs, it was very clear that we are a people of family, of togetherness, and of hospitality.

The first BBQ of the month was hosted by Becca’s family.  Becca, the live-in house coordinator of Friendship House, gathered her different communities together around one table.  Elbert and Becca’s friend took care of the grilling.  Christianne and Becca’s grandma spent the afternoon chatting with each other.  Chris and Nosey and Rosey, Becca’s cats, became instant friends.  We are a people of family, and being able to share our families with each other is an amazing gift.

Next up on the BBQ schedule was a Labor Day BBQ hosted by Angel House.  In the midst of an extended game of charades and decorating “Labor Day” themed cupcakes, our love of celebration was clear. We are people who love to be together.  We fully support any reason for a party!

And most recently, Helen, a member of the board, and her husband Wayne, hosted their annual BBQ for the community.  Elbert grilled dinner as others played in an epic cornhole tournament.  It was another beautiful and sunny day, perfect for a BBQ.  How blessed our community is to have people who open their hearts and homes to us with such generous hospitality!

In Community and Growth it is written that “Celebration is a communal experience of joy, a song of thanksgiving.  We celebrate the fact of being together; we give thanks for the gifts we have been given.”  In the past month we have celebrated the fact of being together, in the sunshine while eating hotdogs.  We have certainly enjoyed the end of summer!