A visiting founder

Sarah Ruszkowski

Published 20 July 2017

During our July community night, our community and guests gathered to hear about the L’Arche International Assembly in Belfast from Anders, Mic and Luca. The theme of the assembly was “Re-membering our Future” – grounded in the past, living in the present, we carry onto the future together.

At the community night, we had a special surprise that helped us re-member the past as we journey forward. Laura Wassilak, a founding assistant of L’Arche Chicago back in 2000 (the other founding assistant was David Hovde), visited us!

Elbert and Jean, whom she lived with, were happy to see her with her husband and kids. Mary Susan Chen, first volunteer at Angel House, and Spencer Foon, longtime community friend, were also at community night and were surprised and excited to see her and catch up with her.

LIsa, Mary Susan, and Spencer--foundational members of L'Arche Chicago