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20th February 2024

Ahoy Nate!

We've had lots of amazing people come share life with us for a few years.  Below is an interview where we catch up with one of our beloved L'Arche Chicago alum!

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13th February 2024

Leading Together

Mic, Cassie, and Anders took part in a week long experience and exploration of inclusive leadership in Leavenworth, Kansas. Mic shares more about the experience and learnings from the week.

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22nd January 2024

Celebrating 5 Years

Hear how Andrew has learned how to be more patient with himself and with others, to be kind to himself, and to embrace community and share life with many different people in his five years at L'Arche Chicago.

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22nd December 2023

Waiting In Our Moments

We live in a world in which we can get what we want now, or to get answers to our questions immediately, or find the best ways around Chicago traffic. But sometimes waiting is necessary and may be good for us.

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Webpage Sections Sandbox

Webpage Sections Sandbox

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