Waiting In Our Moments

Published 22 December 2023

Waiting in Our Moments

An Advent Reflection from Board President Kim Bryze


We are currently in the Christian season of Advent, a season of patient waiting, expectation, and soul-searching. While much of the American world is in the “Christmas season” (i.e., shopping, decorating, partying, etc.), many of us who observe Advent take intentional time to be thoughtful, reflective, and observant in remembrance of our Savior’s birth.

However, most human beings I know are not patient or good at waiting. We live in a world in which we can get what we want now (or maybe tomorrow, thank you, Amazon), or to get answers to our questions immediately (thank you, Siri), or find the best ways around Chicago traffic (thank you, Google Maps or Waze). As I type this reflection, I remember having to write a term paper without the help of a computer – having to wait for the library to get the texts I needed to be delivered in hard copy format, and taking notes on 3” x 5” note cards and actually typing the paper using a typewriter. (Really???). Now we want – and get things fast! And I am thankful.

But waiting is sometimes necessary and may actually be good for us. In the past couple of weeks I have been aware of necessary times of waiting, of having to be patient, watching, listening, reflecting. I have been reminded that our lives – our weeks, days, and hours – are made up of moments as well as hours and minutes. Moments have a qualitative dimension. It is in moments that we find the depth in living right now. Slowing down and being open to moments of beauty, of relationship, of caring, of tenderness can bring the soul-affirming peace in which we likely were meant to live. Shalom. Wholeness.

In the midst of the celebrations and gatherings and things-to-do, may we slow down and be willing to wait for (and wait in) moments that are always here but too often go by unnoticed. May we be patient in waiting, to see beauty, to listen to each other, and to be present in the moments that we are given by God. May we remember the moments of this past year and wait to behold the good moments that are to come.