We are building a world where every person's gifts are celebrated.

Making an Impact In Our Homes

We are helping adults with intellectual disabilities who live in our homes to lead happy, fulfilling lives that would otherwise be out of reach every day.

Here's How We Do It

A Unique Model of Care

The daily routines of people with intellectual disabilities that live in L’Arche homes are much like those of every adult that works, volunteers, is active in their community, pursues leisure activities, enjoys downtime, and maintains long-lasting friendships. L’Arche makes this possible, not just for a few months or years, but for the lifetime of each individual.

The unique live-in model of care, where the assistants and people with intellectual disabilities live together in homes, sharing life, allows for such moments as the joy of gathering together at the dinner table as family.

Our Homes Provide

Mutually-transforming relationships for residents, assistants, volunteers, and friends. Coordinated, personalized healthcare. Demonstrated positive change in the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. Measurably higher quality of life for those with intellectual disabilities than before they lived with L’Arche. A space for self-determination

Making an Impact In Our Neighborhood

We exist to magnify the intrinsic value and unique contribution of all people with intellectual disabilities.

Here's How We Do It

Integrated into our neighborhoods

Each person with an intellectual disability has opportunities to be integrated and engaged members of their neighborhood.

They work and volunteer locally. They are supported to participate in their church communities, to belong to the gym and simply live as active members of the Oak Park/River Forest community.

Each individual also has personalized work options. Together we identify work goals and put in place the necessary support for individuals to work where they would like.

Working together with those in our community

As a community of faith, L’Arche supports attendance and participation in each resident’s church, temple, mosque, etc. of choice. Neighborhood faith communities are made stronger by the gifts and participation of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We also develop innovative and collaborative partnershipswith universities and medical schools in the Chicago area, training students to work with people with disabilities and giving residents a voice in these relationships.

Making an Impact in Our World

L’Arche Chicago is a member of L’Arche International, a global federation made up of 151 communities in 37 different countries that is inspiring global change. 

Here's How We Do It

A global movement

We provide financial support to under-resourced communities in developing parts of the world to provide basic necessities like housing, food and medicine, and staff salaries.  

We send our uniquely trained alumni staff assistants to enter fields such as medicine, law, and social work after their time in L’Arche where they positively impact the world through their experiences living with and learning from people who are often marginalized.