An Internship in Human Relationships

Ailynn Duarte

Published 2 March 2023

Hello! I am Ailynn Duarte, a current live out assistant at Angel House and student at
Loyola University Chicago. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern as a live-in

Life at Angel House was spectacular, we shared meals together, went to festivals, and had lots of Chick-Fil-A dates. When we say share life, we really mean it. At first, I was worried about disrupting the normal day to day life of core members, but I was so wrong. Each of the core members welcomed me with open arms and an open heart. I was
invited to share about myself but also invited to listen to everyone and get to know them. I felt like I was not just there to help with daily tasks, but there to be part of the Angel House family.

Each L’Arche home is sprinkled with photos of the core members, their artwork and holiday themes. The vibrant artwork, often created by our very own core members, truly completes each home. Core members decorated for each holiday and season making their house a home. Each L’Arche home is so well lived in and provides a sense of comfort that can only be produced organically.

Every time I walk into Angel House, all my problems from school seem to disappear
and the only thing that matters is being home, with some of the people I cherish most. I learned
so much about living in the present. Each day spent at L’Arche truly was a gift. The relationships
made with not only the core members, but the other assistants as well is something that I will
always appreciate. We were open and understanding to one another and truly wanted to get to
know one another. I learned so much about human relationships at L’Arche, and today I try to
live my life with a similar mindset of truly trying to get to know my peers and create a welcoming
community feeling– just like L’Arche Chicago provided to me. I love L’Arche– the people, the
community, the location, the mission– and I often find myself sharing stories and experiences
from L’Arche to everyone I encounter.

L’Arche Chicago is seeking internship applications for summer 2023!