Laurence’s Legacy of Caring

What an Incredible Event Honoring Laurence J. Msall!

On February 24, 2024, over 250 friends, family, and colleagues joined together to celebrate the life of Laurence J. Msall and his impact, raising over $150,000 for L’Arche Chicago. We shared memories, enjoyed his favorite music, and while he is missed tremendously, his legacy of caring continues!


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Funds raised will benefit the new home being constructed in Oak Park to welcome four new core members into the community. This incredible contribution will help with furnishings and creating a home that is welcoming and hospitable for gatherings – something Laurence would have enjoyed. L’Arche Chicago thanks everyone who participated in the event and was a part of this tremendous success.

At the event, Michael Msall shared how their family was changed when his sister, Christianne, was born with multiple conditions including neuromotor delays. Their family was dedicated to making sure Christianne wasn’t isolated – that she was given every opportunity to become independent and a part of the family & community. L’Arche Chicago became an extension of their family when she joined the community as a core member in 2000.

Thank you to event sponsors:
Msall, Smith Gazidis Families
Steans Family Foundation
Anthony Alagna
Mike & Trudy Doyle
The Hill-Cordell Family
Kerry & Cathie Smith
Key Interiors
Knox College
Valor Public Strategies
Henry Crown & Co.
The Madeline Msall and Frank Mauceri Family
Chunka Mui
GPD Charitable Trust
Scott Bremer
Timothy Doherty
Chery and Ray Glassman
John & Kathleen O’Connor
Prudence Hartwell
Fred Montgomery

Thank you to the event committee:
Nicola Hill Cordell Msall
Mike Doyle
Tom Egan
Steve & Ann Flanagan
Leo Harmon
Lucy Msall
Michael & Karla Msall
Jim Muldoon
John O’Connor
Mark Ochoa
Matt Walsh
Larry Weithers

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