Live-In International Volunteer Assistant

L’Arche Chicago invites you to apply to spend a year as a live-in international volunteer with L’Arche Chicago, a volunteer position where people from around the world dedicate a year to supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) while living with them in one of our three community homes.

About the Role

Living and working alongside our core members and assistants, live-in volunteers are a key part of our community, bringing vitality, joy, and new life to the homes. Live-in volunteers are fully integrated into the life of our homes, helping provide essential services, forming lasting relationships with core members, and building the life of our community.

This volunteer position is suitable for those who are not from the United States, but are seeking to live in community with L’Arche Chicago for up to one year. This position is not compensated, outside of room, board, and a small monthly stipend for living expenses. Each applicant is independently responsible for seeking a B-1 volunteer visa to the United States.

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L’Arche strives to model a vision of humanity where people with disabilities are at the center. By answering the call to live in our community, assistants are an integral part of bringing that vision to life.

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