Welcoming John

Sarah Lineberry

Published 11 February 2019

by Sarah Lineberry, Director of Professional Services

L’Arche Chicago is so excited to introduce the newest resident of Peace House, John! John moved in on January 20 th and is already making Peace House his home. There’re a lot of things that make John a great fit for L’Arche Chicago—his love of Coke products, YouTube videos, and jokes, to name a few. But, more than that, John exudes welcome through his ability to talk to anyone about anything, his humor, and his genuine curiosity about those around him.

I recently spent what could have been a very long, stressful day with John when we ventured up to Evanston for appointments. John marveled at the trains and construction equipment we passed on the drive, asked every single nurse and doctor for their names, and filled our waiting times with stories from his past, favorite TV shows, and even singing Johnny Cash! Through his remarkable mix of excitement and gentleness, John reminds us to slow down and look for joy in the little things around us.

We are so excited to welcome John into our community!