Loosening Our Resolutions

Jeremy Chia

Published 14 January 2019

Written by Matt Whalen, Director of Community Life

The new year is a great time to check-in with ourselves, to reflect on the past, and discern the future. Often times, we make New Year’s resolutions as a way to grow as individuals and communities. However, I’ve noticed that resolutions often start with a scarcity mindset with extrinsic motivating factors, resulting in quick burnout.

Research suggests that 80% of resolutions fail by the beginning of February and 90% by the end of April. While these odds can be discouraging, I think it speaks not just to our ability to follow through on our goals, but more to the actual goals we hope to achieve in the first place.

When researching the history of resolutions for our Community Night this past week, I discovered the Latin root of resolution can be translated as “breaking things down into simpler forms”. Another interpretation was to “loosen”. Both these definitions create more space for ourselves to ease into the ways we grow, which is a lifelong process.

As a result, I hope the following for myself this year: To be more gentle when I fumble, to laugh more, and to make things simpler for myself. I wish you a Happy New Year filled with resolutions that open you to create and bring more joy into your life!