Lenten Reflections 2016

Ashley Collins

Published 16 January 2016

Looking to have a fruitful Lent?

During the season of Lent, people around the world take time to renew their commitment to prayer, their love of God, and their love of neighbor.

This year,  L’Arche International has put together a series of readings and reflections that start on Ash Wednesday (February 10) and continue weekly through Pentecost (March 2). These reflections guide us in spiritual renewal through the lens of L’Arche.

For this year’s series,  Ruth Patterson has provided reflections for each week.  Ruth is a Presbyterian Minister from Northern Ireland who founded Restoration Ministries.  She has worked tirelessly for peace and reconciliation over many years and is now the Protestant Church Leader who works with L’Arche International.

There are also contributions each week from L’Arche communities around the world that all focus on the theme of “Encounter”.  The theme was chosen as a way of helping us, in this year of learning more about forgiveness, to become aware of the unconditional loving gaze of God on each one of us.

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