Getting to know Dana

Sarah Ruszkowski

Published 6 June 2017

Dana moved into Angel House just over a year ago. Anyone who has spent time with Dana can attest to her contagious energy and joy. Get to know a few of her favorite things!

Favorite things to do for fun?

1. Social media

2. Shopping

3. Baking with Lizzy

What are your favorite things to eat?

1. Anything with sugar

2. At Culver’s: the cheese curds and the chocolate Oreo volcano

3. At Angel House: chicken parmesan

4. Sour Patch Kids, but not the watermelon!

Top 5 Favorite Movies

1. Zoolander

2. Frozen

3. Sisters

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

5. Beauty and the Beast (new one)

Where do you work?

1. Culver’s, for the last 6 years, cleaning tables and taking orders.

2. Best Buddies, for the last 3 years, as the program assistant, doing clerical work and speaking engagements about BB.

Favorite things about living in Angel House?

1. My housemates

2. Playing Phase 10

3. After dinner hang outs

What have you learned in L’Arche?

I am learning how to “adult”

1. Laundry

2. Cooking

3. Budget

What are the three best things about you, Dana?

1. Good sense of humor

2. Active

3. Positive