Fundraising to Friendship

Published 18 July 2018

Alison is a retired Circuit Court judge in Ireland who joined the fundraising committee for L’Arche Cork, Ireland, 30 years ago. She chooses to spend her free time with the men and women of L’Arche Cork because of the friendships she has created with them. Alison’s full story can be found on L’Arche International’s website by clicking on the button below:

Friendship is an important facet of the L’Arche mission. The men and women of L’Arche communities share life together and build relationships. These relationships can include conflict, joy and anything in between.

In healthy belonging, we have respect for one another. We work together, cooperate in a healthy way, listen to each other. We have to discover that there are others like us who have gifts and needs; no one of us is the centre of the world. We are a small but important part in our

At L’Arche Chicago, we celebrate friendship by praying together before and after meals, enjoying dinners together, gathering for celebration nights to highlight the gifts of members and assistants, hosting community nights for fellowship and cultivating meaningful relationships with one another.