Finding Peace Together

Mic Altena

Published 7 April 2020

Thank you!

It has been a joy to receive so many encouraging and kind messages from so many of our friends and supporters–from many of you! These last weeks have been, for all of us, more than a bit disorienting and challenging to adjust to. It can be hard to understand why our schedules need to change and in wondering when things can return to some normalcy (soon, please!). So knowing that we’re together in our disorientation can actually be quite orienting! Orienting because it points us squarely toward one another. And orienting because it grounds us even deeper in relationship (we love relationships in L’Arche!).

The Hebrew notion of peace–shalom–means more than the mere absence of conflict. It’s been defined as the highest enjoyment in one’s relationships. One writer says that “to dwell in shalom–peace–is to enjoy living before God, to enjoy living in one’s physical surroundings, to enjoy living with one’s fellows, to enjoy life with oneself.” This is the type of peace that we’re seeking these days in L’Arche Chicago.

Come join us!

We’re creating several new ways to come together in relationship during these days of social distancing.

  1. Wave to us or get a selfie from us. For those of you who have asked about coming alongside us while we’re at home, we’ve started a Meal Train for friends to sign up to cook a meal for us (we’ll give a hearty wave to you from the other side of the door!) or to purchase a gift card through Grubhub (use email “”) for us to order a meal to be delivered.
  2. Video chat with us. We love seeing our friends (and meeting new ones)! Schedule a time to chat with a community member, or whole house if you’re feeling chatty. You can find and schedule times HERE.
  3. Letters & Postcards. We enjoy having penpals to correspond with, whether through email, snail mail, or carrier pigeons (with face masks)! For details, contact:
  4. Join our next Facebook Live Community Night. We’ll be gathering on Facebook Live on Thursday April 16 at 7pm CST for a special time together. Everyone is welcome! Connect and experience the joy of relationship! Join through the L’Arche Chicago Facebook page.