Filling in the Blanks: Help us buy new furniture!

Published 22 August 2018

Everything in our L’Arche Chicago homes is shared by many, making wear and tear over time inevitable. We are hoping to replace a number of large furniture pieces in Angel House and Peace House now that they have reached a point of being too well-loved.

The total fund of $20,000 will go towards the purchase of the following pieces:

Peace House

– 2 sofas

– 1 loveseat

– Dining table and chairs (seats 8)

– Breakfast table and chairs (seats 4)

Angel House

– 1 sofa

– 1 loveseat

– Dining table and chairs (seats 8)

These pieces are not just tables and chairs. They are places to meet, to draw and paint, to read, to have conversations, to play music, to sing, to pray, to share meals, to laugh and to cry. They are where relationships are forged and memories are made. Says Rose, an assistant at Peace House, “Little things make this place feel like home. It’s when Jean and Noah are sitting at the kitchen table at the end of the day, eating their snacks. On a good day, the two of them will start cracking jokes with each other. It’s when Noah waters the plants outside – something he really enjoys doing. It’s everyone catching up over dinner and just being together. It’s Jean taking care of everyone. It’s routines, which may not be the most exciting, and all these little things that add up to this life in community.”

Will you join us and help fill in the blanks? We have raised $3,905 of our $20,000 goal! 

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