Easter Monday: All is made new

Sarah Ruszkowski

Published 17 April 2017

As these things took place, new words broke out of the silence of Holy Saturday and touched the hearts and the minds of the men and women who had known and loved Jesus. These words were: “He has risen, risen indeed.” They were not shouted from the rooftops or carried around the city on big placards. They were whispered ear to ear as an intimate message that could be truly heard and understood only by a heart that has been yearning for the coming of the Kingdom and had recognized its first signs in the words and deeds of the man from Nazareth.

All is different and all is the same for those who say “Yes” to the news that is whispered through the ages from one end of the world to the other. Trees are still trees, rivers are still rivers, mountains are still mountains, and people in their hearts are still able to choose between love and fear. But all that has been lifted up in the risen body of Jesus and placed at the right hand of God. The prodigal child is placed in the loving embrace of the Father; the little child is put in its mother’s arms; the true heir has been given the best robe and a precious ring, and brothers and sisters invited to the same table. All is the same, and all is made new. As we live our lives with a resurrection faith, our burdens become light burdens and our yokes easy yokes because we have found rest in the gentle and humble heart of Jesus that belongs for all eternity to God.

–Henri Nouwen, Walk with Jesus

Elbert, a founding core member of L’Arche Chicago, reflects on this Easter reflection from Henri Nouwen.

How do you celebrate Easter?

Palm Sunday first, then Easter. Celebrate at church. Pray together. Easter dinner. He rose again.

What does it mean, “He has risen”?

Risen from the dead–that means that He is here.

What does it mean that “all is made new”?

The whole world is made new. People are made new. That is happy.

How do we “rest in the heart of Jesus”?

It is good that we rest there. It is where we feel good and free.