Baking with L’Arche and My Family

Erika Doerner

Published 5 April 2021

On Saturday March 20th, L’Arche hosted a virtual pastry class and fundraiser in partnership with the Boka Restaurant Group. My mother and I were very excited to learn how to make macaroon nests, not only because we enjoy sweet treats, but also because the event proceeds go to sister L’Arche communities around the world to help with basic necessities like housing, food, medicine, and assistant stipends.

Our family has been greatly impacted by the people of L’Arche Chicago. My brother, David, moved into Angel House about a year ago. It was a big transition and came with much concern. David’s past experiences of living away from home were very difficult for him (and our family) as his needs got lost in those situations. Angel House has helped David to blossom. He is respected, considered, and encouraged by the staff assistants at Angel House. We couldn’t be happier to be recipients of L’Arche’s quality services and members of this authentic community.

The macaroon event was just another glimpse into the way core members and assistants interact with each other and the broader community. The hosts and pastry chef were friendly, accommodating, and extremely patient. The core members that were able to participate were encouraged and highlighted. Everyone was given a voice and as a result there was no hesitation to bring your whole self to the event or the camera! Even terrible decorating (from myself) was encouraged and appreciated much like every person at L’Arche is.

My mother and I had a very nice Saturday morning shared with new friends, virtually, and the macaroons were delicious!