Advent: Waiting for the Baby

Sarah Ruszkowski

Published 14 December 2017

In the Spanish language, the phrase “to give birth” is “dar la luz”, which literally translates to “give the light”. This is a beautiful phrase and one that can eloquently explains Advent–the hope and expectation that the Light will be given to us.

Anders, a core member in Angel House, is a man who knows how to build anticipation and excitement for those around him, especially for babies’ births. In the past month or so, Anders became an uncle two more times.  Leading up to the births of his new nephews, he shared the joy, anticipation, and hope of these new babies with every person he encountered.

When thinking about the anticipation and preparation for the babies in his family, Anders explained, “It was like Advent because we were waiting for their births.”  He spoke of the ways that his family prepared their homes and made plans for the new baby. He also spoke of the ways that Angel House and his church have readied themselves for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. In both instances, Anders spoke of cleaning and decorating, of praying and reflecting.

Because of his intentionality and focus, there was a communal waiting for Anders’ nephews to be born. These little babies brought the community together in joyful anticipation. As we celebrate Advent, we also enter into a communal waiting for a new baby. In this busy season of the year, our attention can easily be drawn away from the intentionality and focus that Advent calls for. We are called to create space prepare in stillness, to ready our homes and and our hearts for the joy of a new baby, and in Advent, the joy of Savior of the world. As Anders explained, “Now, my family is very happy with the babies. The church also feels really good when Jesus is born.”