Why does L'Arche matter?

Because people with intellectual disabilities are often pushed to the margins of our society.


Without places like L’Arche in the world

We remain apart and divided

The gifts of people with intellectual disabilities remain hidden

The future of 4,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities in emergency and critical need of services on the waiting list for services in the State of Illinois remains bleak

By supporting L’Arche and becoming involved

L’Arche can continue to create spaces of genuine belonging for people with and without intellectual disabilities

More people with disabilities will become integrated into their neighborhoods and their neighborhoods will become richer and more diverse because of it

People with intellectual disabilities will be able to find meaningful work at local businesses or volunteer work at organizations such as animal shelters, food pantries, and nursing homes

Our mission is to celebrate the unique value of each person and to create lifelong places of belonging through small, residential homes that empower residents to share their gifts with their neighborhood, city, country, and world.

Quick Facts about People with Intellectual Disabilities in Illinois