Reporting Form

Completed reports are reviewed and then distributed to the respective team members and kept on file for continuity of support. Should there be immediate incident, accident, behavioral, or health support needs or questions, directly contact the appropriate L'Arche contact or dial 911 as necessary before completing form.

Type of Report
Incident (e.g. abuse to self or others), accident (e.g. injury, physical fall), health (e.g. rash), or behavior log (e.g. name calling)

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Visitors are often astonished at the joy they sense at l’Arche. It surprises me too because I know how much suffering some people in our communities are carrying. I wonder then if all joy doesn’t somehow spring from suffering and sacrifice. Can those who are rich and live in comfort and security with everything they need, and refuse to be close to those who are suffering, be truly joyful?
— Jean Vanier