Our Community Leader Mic reflects on a simple act of kindness that reminds us all of the necessity for community life.

Last week I joined my friends at Peace House, our newest home in Forest Park, for a Tuesday night dinner. It had been a few months since I was last able to join them, so I was especially eager to come. Of course we’d seen lots of each other elsewhere-Community Nights, birthdays, and celebrations, but eating together, at home, is extra special for me. Something about the ordinariness of being together, about the simple, easy conversation that lingers around food and laughter. It’s nourishing to me.

...in the simplicity of living in community, the seeds of transformation are taking root. The same seeds that are at work in me.

As we sat together last week, and our plates were being filled with pork roast, potatoes, and asparagus, I noticed that Jean had left her seat. She had gone to Noah’s plate to help him cut his roast. I watched as she carefully, and silently, cut each piece until there was nothing but small bite sized pieces left on the plate. She returned to her seat and began eating herself. A simple gesture, but one thick with care and love. To see Noah’s plate, to know the roast wasn’t going to work and then to gently take the time to slice it-even with the aroma of her own food ready to eat-is striking!

Just the week before Jean had shared some of her experiences living in a violent institution before coming to L’Arche during an interview with StoryCorps. The effects of the institution were long lasting on her. But in the simplicity of living in community, the seeds of transformation are taking root. The same seeds that are at work in me. Being at that dinner table changes me. I’m reminded not to take myself too seriously, to take more time for conversations (silly ones too!), and am reminded of the beauty each person holds. I often leave our L’Arche homes with a certain “full” feeling. Full of the joy of relationship. And I’m grateful for relationships beyond our home, relationships like ours with you.

Thank you for welcoming L’Arche into your life!

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