When it comes to eating healthy and trying out new recipes every week, one person quickly comes to mind: Tim.

Tim absolutely loves to cook. Every meal that he helps prepare has a story behind it. Whether it is a recipe he learned from a friend or one that was inspired by his favorite vegetables, Tim will always surprise you when he answers the question, “What are you making for dinner?”

When asked what would be his favorite recipe, he said, “I like ethnic food. A lot of pizza, Thai food, etc. I love a lot of veggies. It is not anything weird like bison burgers, but if it can be one thing, it would have to be hummus”.

A good hummus recipe includes: Chick peas, sesame oil, lemon, garlic and red peppers.

There also has to be a lot of good pita bread! Tim added that if you like it spicy (like he does), then use habañero peppers. Lastly, a good recipe involves tips on how to prepare and handle food.

Tim’s major rule is that one must never use the microwave to cook dinner. Everything has to be done on the oven, but “if you have to heat up something, then that is fine.”

You can find Tim cooking three nights a week in Angel House where he is always open to new friends and opportunities to learn more recipes.

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Photo from Arts of Life Facebook Page