9 Transforming Lessons

L'Arche has always believed that authentic friendships between persons with disabilities and those without are rich and transformational for everyone. We don't simply "care for" people with disabilities, we enter into beautiful relationships with each other.  When speaking about the first two core members, Raphael and Philippe, Jean Vanier explained 9 lessons on being human that he learned from them when he began sharing life with them in the first L'Arche community.

"I have learned much from them [Raphael and Philippe] and feel deeply indebted to them. They have shown me what it is...

  1. To live simply

  2. To love tenderly

  3. To speak in truth

  4. To pardon

  5. To receive openly

  6. To be humble in weakness

  7. To be confident in difficulties

  8. To accept handicaps and hardships with love.

  9. And, in a mysterious way, in their love they have revealed Jesus to me"

Join L'Arche in our efforts to nurture transforming relationships in Chicago!  

Photo Above : Raphael and Philippe