Hi there!
My Name is Ashley Collins and I'm the new Development Director for L'Arche Chicago.

I'm so excited to be working with L'Arche Chicago! I'm meeting so many amazing people and want to get to know YOU!

Before I introduce myself, if you could do two quick things for me, I would be very grateful!

First Complete your email profile. So that I can know a little more about where you're coming from, click HERE to make sure we've got your correct information. If you put in your email address and we already have it, it'll update the other information for us.

Second Tell me your story! What I really want to hear is about how you became interested in L'Arche and what you love about our community. Let me know when we can arrange a time to chat over coffee (my treat!) or simply email me with your story! 

About Me

To start off our storytelling, I'll tell you my L'Arche story.

I'm originally from Georgia and my family currently lives in Florida. That cute kid in the photo with me is my little brother Christian. 

Before college, I worked as a one on one for people with developmental disabilities. When I moved to Chicago right after college, I began working for a mental health day program as an instructor and then moved to case management. I strived to ensure that the people with whom I was working had as much control over their lives and dreams as possible.

During this time I also began helping ministries and non profits with social media and web development. I was recruited by the Archdiocese of Chicago to work in communications roles and help raise funds for various programs. 

My friend Anthony introduced me to the beautiful world of L'Arche and I was instantly hooked. This is exactly the type of community I would want for my brother! When I was asked to come and help develop L'Arche Chicago, I jumped at the chance! I look forward to growing L'Arche Chicago and ensuring that everyone has a L'Arche story as to how our community has changed lives for the better!

Now it's YOUR turn! 

Please make sure your profile information is complete then let me know when we can set up a time to grab some coffee and/or send me your L'Arche story! 

E-mail me at ashley@larchechicago.org to set up a visit or stop by at our next community night at Peace House!

God bless you all for your generous support and prayers!