When Mike Marino first came to L'Arche Chicago, he was shy and a little apprehensive. These feelings didn't last too long because the other core members and assistants made him feel right at home. In this segment from our friends at the Arts of Life, Mike talks about his first days at L'Arche and how it came to be more than a CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) and more of a family to him.

L'Arche Chicago has helped Mike, and you can help us make a life changing impact on two more people with disabilities in need of a loving and healthy community.

Your monthly donation can make a difference! Join the L'Arche Chicago Impact Community and change lives!

  • $10 a month ($120) provides access to advocacy conferences for a community member
  • $20 a month ($240) covers meals out for a year for a core member
  • $30 a month ($360) allows a community member to attend a retreat sponsored by L'Arche USA
  • $50 a month ($600) provides groceries and supplies for two community members for a month
  • $100 a month ($1,200) funds the gap between state funding and the actual medical expenses for ALL core members for a YEAR!