Turning a House into a L'Arche Home


Elbert found a new home!

Elbert excitedly repeated "Mmm, ooh, aah!" as we toured a vintage bungalow nestled in Forest Park with our realtor last month. "This is a gonna be my room," Elbert said decisively as he paused in one of the upstairs bedrooms. 


“Here’s where I want to live now. I like everything in this house. It’s not too far from my job. Now it just needs a dresser, a desk for me, and a pool table to play pool!”

The First L'Arche Chicago House

Elbert was there when L’Arche went from an idea and a prayer to a generous family offering L’Arche an actual house to become Angel Home, the first L’Arche Chicago home in 2000. A community of friends and family now had a physical location where people with and without disabilities could share life together as Jean Vanier (the founder of L'Arche International) did 35 years before.

“I’m the first to move in. I moved in on a Saturday in the fall and it was snowing. I had faith in The Man Above and we got the house here. I moved in, then Jean moved in. There wasn’t a good home for me since my mom passed away and my sister passed away,” Elbert recalled. “I picked L’Arche because the people here are good friends and family.”

Thank you to everyone who has made L'Arche Chicago a loving home for core members and assistants. You have made this third house a reality and are literally opening doors for more core members' lives to be transformed. 

You can make the house a home in 3 ways:

1. Make a Donation to Purchase Furniture

2. Donate supplies such as cleaner, brooms, a vacuum, etc. via our Amazon wish list

3. Share this page, and tell your friends, family, and followers about how they can help  

With your help, this new home will be a place of community growth, compassion, and friendship.

Thank you for your kindness!

Ashley Collins