December 2018

Dear friends,


First of all, thank you. Your generosity towards L’Arche Chicago has transformed the lives of people with and without disabilities. As we approach the end of this fiscal year, we would like to ask you to consider continuing to work with us. 

We seek to reveal the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities because we strongly believe in the transformative power of those gifts, specifically in our local neighborhood. We need your financial support to further this impact.

Jean, a core member in Peace House, knows all the names of her neighbors and their dogs, because she sits outside and says hello every day. I think we can all agree the world would be better if we all knew the names of our neighbors. And Christianne, a core member in Angel House, is the first to greet someone new and ask how they are doing, especially if they are alone and looking glum. Wouldn’t our world be a happier place if we all genuinely saw the strangers we passed by? The core members of L’Arche Chicago are working daily to better the world by bringing their gifts to the broader community.

We are working to raise $100,000 for our Annual Fund this year. $25,000 of this will be focused on growing our community integration efforts. The core members receive very little funding from the state to support recreational activities like belonging to the YMCA, enjoying a movie, or taking a trip. We believe that every person deserves a full, integrated life. We also believe that our local community, the one you live in, is better when adults with intellectual disabilities are present in it. 

Please consider springtime support of the L’Arche Chicago Annual Fund. And know that you are always welcome at our monthly community nights and for dinner at one of our homes!

With deep gratitude,


Mic Altena

Executive Director | Community Leader


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